Las Vegas

A full week is way too long to be in Las Vegas.  Throw in 2 babies and a bride, and now you’ve created the perfect storm.  Don’t touch this, don’t lick that, don’t go in there, don’t drink this, don’t hump that – Sarah wouldn’t let me have any fun.

Shows at the MGM were a good time.  Iron Mike Tyson did his show after ours.  It was better attended and less intelligible.  It was cool to see the champ but he was hard to understand.  Maybe getting punched in the dome for a living doesn’t lead to coherent sentences.

After the show on Friday I uber’d over to the Mirage to catch Jim Jefferies and my buddy Forrest Shaw’s show.  They killed it and we hit the tables.  Blackjack, roulette and shuffle board.  When I finally got home, the kids were a few hours from waking up and I wrote an apology letter to my liver before I fell asleep.  I finished off the week with a few new jokes and was happy to get out of town with everyone intact.

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