Tampa City Review

Ybor City was both a fantastic and odd place to visit. From pirate-themed everything, to rogue chickens wandering the streets, this place had a unique charm. I spent 4 nights there in July…bring lots of underwear. Florida is so hot and sticky in the summer, I saw a lizard baked into the sidewalk. Those things live in the desert, and this place was too hot to handle.

Ybor is relatively small so it is easy to simply walk around and pop into all the different places, unless it rains on you, which it did to me. If that happens, just make friends with the people who are hiding under store front awnings with you. It feels like a lawless community, almost like a miniature Bourbon Street. In fact, I saw the law, he was out delivering Dominos. Also, there are a ton of roosters running around free so make sure to watch your step.

Things I recommend:
Get the Cuban sandwich from The Stone Soup Company
See a show at the Improv (duh)
Walk around and see everyone in crazy costumes
Befriend a chicken

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